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Have you noticed..


‘Sometimes when you let things be as it is ..Then it’s more beautiful to admire them… So I don’t pick flowers, I don’t cage birds, my dog runs leash-free on the beach and I let my child play sometimes with the rain puddles…’ -Nishi Shaikh Read More »

One of many glories of being a New Mother is…


“When I see my baby taking her unsteady steps with those little feet, glorious grins with her few tiny teeth’s and that sudden clasp when I take a step away reminds me so much of my dear Grandmother!” - Nishi Shaikh Read More »

Nurse’s Song by William Blake


When the voices of children are heard on the green, And laughing is heard on the hill, My heart is at rest within my breast, And everything else is still. ‘Then come home, my children, the sun is gone down, And the dews of night arise; Come, come leave off play, and let us away Till the morning appears in ... Read More »

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