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I walked the dawn to kiss the rays…

Walk the dawn to kiss the rays

Many gravels got grounded coarsely under my barefoot.

Though there was silence at this serene time,

 if listened warily,

Even this sunken silence could be musical.

To my wonder, I inhaled the air consciously,

As it served by breath with something unique…

 It was moist, earthly and refreshingly cool.

Then the swelling sun arose so prominently,

I surrendered my sleep to capture this very awe..

On how this huge glow-ball  brushes colors to all that I see.

Soon sprouted the invisible creatures that I searched for..

Emerges those hidden seeds and blooms the yester buds..

They all have awakened to thank and grace this incredible life force ..

 And  continue to witness and  live, this morning’s marvel till another night..

                                                                                                                                                           -- Nishi Shaikh

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