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My Home..


Is it strange to think that my house has feelings and it has a throbbing spirit in itself? Well I like to dress my house with fresh dainty flowers on the tables, soften the corners with lighted lamps, and dust the place delicately as if I was brushing off the excess blush from my own cheek. My house really doesn’t ... Read More »

How to Sleep like a Baby..


Proper sleep is vital for a healthy and a happy living. Our sleeping hours is the precious time that we have to give to our body to go through a natural state of healing – from a long day’s stress & all the physical activity. Unfortunately due to various reasons we are unable to sleep deeply or even continuously. I ... Read More »

Happiness Is When..


This is a collection of a random ‘one line’ scribble of mine, on some beautiful happenings around us, that is always a pleasure to see and know…Its simply Happiness to me! Happiness is when a dog gets to play fetch with its dirt smudged tennis ball. Its such a delight to see a little bird softly stepping out of its ... Read More »

Unveiling a secret to Happiness


Many of us unknowingly find a hidden comfort; even while we sympathize on another person’s agony. Now, how many of us are willing to learn to appreciate ‘others’ happiness or success without the slightest bit of jealousness or depression? The probable answers may be – “ why should I” or “I think that’s natural or may be even normal” I ... Read More »

My Mother’s words on Sisterhood


Last night while dusting  the house I saw an interesting old photograph and a letter along with it, though the print was a bit cloudy – I saw “I little girl with a grouchy face holding beautiful newborn baby” And that was me carrying my sister… Every time I see that picture a very memorable episode of my life rushes ... Read More »

How Exercise Made Me A Happy Person


We are all aware of the importance of exercising and the benefits of being more physically active in our daily lives. Yet many of us don’t do it. I am here to humbly remind you , why you need to exercise, by sharing- how it has affected my life and why I would never quit exercising. Other than the obvious ... Read More »

I have a Cat..


I have Cat and I surely love him to bits … All day he used to just sit and stare ..so just to spice up  his life… I bought a big tank with two small colorful fishes. Now most of the time, hysterically he keeps running from one corner of the tank to the other – though I still have ... Read More »

Funny: When my husband tried to explain Love…


This is about an interesting bedroom conversation with Me & my Husband last night – hehe no..its not corny but its kind of funny . Before that I would like to give you a quick briefing about him. He is a wonderful husband and an amazing father to my little one (-because I know someday he will read this blog ... Read More »

Less than a minute exercise – for a brighter day!


If we are able to start a day with that simple realization of the things we have rather than whining on the things we don’t, then rest of the day is definitely going to be a good one. Do you think that was an exaggerating statement to make? ‘Yes’..’could be’…’I don know’.. I thought so..Now I know this for sure ... Read More »

Unspoken gestures of a Tree..


‘When she stretch her branches out to tie a knot for a swing, I see a childish playmate in her. When she flitters her glistening leaves to invite the birds to nestle with her, I find a kind mother in her. When she raises her  sturdy grounding roots as a nature’s well crafted seat to relax or converse, I  see ... Read More »

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