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Funny: When my husband tried to explain Love…

blog111agesThis is about an interesting bedroom conversation with Me & my Husband last night – hehe no..its not corny but its kind of funny :) .

Before that I would like to give you a quick briefing about him. He is a wonderful husband and an amazing father to my little one (-because I know someday he will read this blog lol). And, he has his own little flaws which I equally adore and get vexed about!

“A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

-Dave Meurer

Now back to last night’s scenario – I am trying to sleep but can’t because of the continuous hullabaloo’s he is making in the bedroom room at 12:30 AM…

Me (tossing and twisting) : What you searching for?..you know what… just look for it tomorrow..please cut the lights..

Him (still crazily searching) : Its something important, give me 2 minutes …I got to find it…

Me (After 10 mins and lost my sleep, and he still searching) : Dear can you come and sit here please..

Him (hastily) : Yeah..

Me: How do you describe love…?

Him: Woman, in the middle of the night you want me describing love..are you kidd..

Me (interrupting his sentence) : C’mon please , I just can’t sleep now…so tell me, how do you describe love..

Him (still sitting beside me, rolling his eyes around looking for an answer in the cupboard, in the mirror ..looks out of the room and sees my flower pot. Meanwhile keeping me engaged by saying) :hmm..love is..love is…

Me ( all excited to hear some dazzling words) : ahan..

Him: Did you water those plants…

Me: Wha..Seriously!

Him: Oh yeah love is like watering the plants , you are the plant and I am the water , and aaa water is love…no wait you are my love..

Me (shocked & annoyed): Just forget it…I didnt ask anything and I don’t want to hear anything..

Him: No wait…I remember “ Your love is the ingredient of my food..aahh no my life”

Me: Really – my fridge magnet quotes ??? that’s your best shot..

Him: Honey, I’m tired – I promise, I promise you.. I will say something nice tomorrow..God Im really tired..

Me (still pissed off): Please Mr.…switch of the lights..

Him (desperate voice): Nishi, I don’t  want us to sleeping in bed mad..

(by this time the baby started to wake up, and I began patting her back to sleep..)

Me: Hushhh..baby is sleeping

Him (switched of the lights, rolling in the bed to sleep): Nishi, you know I do love you…I am just not that expressive, I just don’t know how speak fruity or flowery..i just…

Me (forgiving mode – and smiling): I know, its just that I like to hear it from you..its nice sometimes..but I love you too..go to sleep..

Him (sighingly)– Thank God for the day!

After 10 or 15 mins or may be even longer I don know – I was deep asleep…

Him ( whispering loudly): Nishiii…

Him (sharp shriek) : Nishi…

Me: Whaaa..jeez man…can I sleep ..( mumbling) just leave it, tell me tomorrow…I know you love me…

Him : No its not that, my Wheels magazine…I can’t find that..can you find it tomorrow for me, I looked everywhere.

Me (very irritated, loud voice):  This is what you were searching for…this is what you woke my sleep for..I just can’t believe it..I mean you are tired to talk about love but cant sleep -with out knowing where your flipping car magazine is…

Him: Hushhhh..the baby is sleeping

Me : Checked the times…slammed my face back to the pillow…time 2:50 AM

In the morning while sipping my coco milk, I was thinking- what would I say what Love is to me…I would say ” Love is when he remembers to kiss me every morning, when he remembers to give me a share of his favorite food, when a fast driver like him keeps the speed limits when I am in the car, and of course Love is when he can ask for his car magazine when I am in deep sleep – because he knows that next day, I will just laugh-out about the whole thing!”

Well last night went by and but today it’s a funny conversation to share…!!

Share with me something interesting from your life too..

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