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Unveiling a secret to Happiness

magiccMany of us unknowingly find a hidden comfort; even while we sympathize on another person’s agony.

Now, how many of us are willing to learn to appreciate ‘others’ happiness or success without the slightest bit of jealousness or depression? The probable answers may be – “ why should I” or “I think that’s natural or may be even normal”

I will give a worthy reason why you should change that thought…

I was one of the many who would get depressed when someone else gets the opportunity I was once seeking or would envy someone else have a better thing than mine. But not today, and shall never be.. Because I know a Secret – A very valuable one indeed.

“Other than being a dedicated and hardworking person to achieve goals.. I learned that … if I have to attain true happiness steadily in my life, then I should sincerely take a moment to hope and pray in my heart, for all those successful people who I come across my life to have MORE SUCCESS – regardless they being my friend or a stranger. By doing so, I am genuinely being completely happy for ‘others’-happiness/achievements/success, just as if it was mine!”

Once you could do that i.e. training your mind to habitually think that way -repeatedly, then You are sending out such magnificent positive ripples of vibration from your glowing- beating-heart; because You have anchored your thoughts with the most powerful acts – Prayer & Hope. And as you know we are naturally bound by this inevitable rule of nature, what goes around comes around – just that, by this way of thinking – it’s bounces back to you with multiple times of goodness.

How is this working out for me?

Well..‘It’s been roughly around 2 years since I started believing in this and thinking in this particular way, and to make it an effortless habit in me. I confess, it wasn’t easy for me, perhaps I must have been that messed up!

So today I want to share few amazing changes that I and my family experienced with in last 2 years as a proof to you..

1. We had a car that we wanted to sell for ages but we just weren’t getting an expected resale value, so we just dragged around with the same old car. We even gave up advertising about our car. Months later, all of a sudden our cars brand and that particular model was in great demand. And we actually got 30% more of what we expected! Of course we made the deal and we were able to get a much better car than we planned to have J (This happened exactly 1.7 years ago)

2. I am a mother who gave up my ‘dream job’ just at the time of my promotion by choice to stay with my baby and who wanted to see the baby grow literally every moment of time.  With this insane motherliness of mine, I had an ugly truth to deal with – On our monthly aggregate income statement, 40% of our income crashed down. I and my husband knew the sacrifices we had to encounter with it, the serious cut downs we had to make because of it..still I was firm to my decision. From last two years though technically I didn’t have a designated job as such, but thankfully I was lucky to get on and off temporary jobs to get things going by staying at home (even during recession). So did I raise that 40% ..well no honestly..but it wasn’t that bad that we thought it might be..

Is that all…No..I have plenty, but I will give you one more..

3. It’s been 15 months since my husband shifted to his job which is a much peaceful environment to be in. I just wanted us to have our meals together at least twice a week (which was impossible in his previous company). I forced him to practice these thoughts the way I devotedly did and I think life is much better now that …BTW did I mention this is a job he bagged in without giving an interview and had 5 other worthy competent who tussled for the same position…J

So is everything perfect in my life then ..am I living in a fairy land ..absolutely not  but as I said earlier ‘life is noticeably better ..”

But then most of all, the feeling of my heart’s lightness that I get by praying, hoping and being good  is measureless… because end of the day… isn’t it wonderful to know how beautifully it is..that you have grown to become a happier person with a positive attitude not only for yourself but for others too..

However, you must understand that we do not “this” for our material benefit but as process of purifying our heart and being a better person as you were intended to be by the Highest power. When you appreciate what you have as of now and you hope faithfully nothing else but solely good for others… then you are always taken care of..and you will know it, by the mysterious magic you get to experience that will sparkle all around you.

Today when I see someone who has a nice lushly garden in their house, or when I know a someone who can bake those perfect croissants or won a lottery.. I say ‘Bless Them’ (and for a mere flick of a moment in my heart I hope may God continue to give them more – as simple as that). Puff !! vanishes those tiny bits of negative thoughts, if at all there were any…(wait a minute what did you think I kneel down and pray for hours – this whole blog is to convince you to do a sincere act – for ‘another being’ just for a moment that’s all it takes)

I would really like to hear your comments, thoughts or questions on this topic..

Bless You & May Happiness embrace you..

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