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How to Sleep like a Baby..

babyfProper sleep is vital for a healthy and a happy living. Our sleeping hours is the precious time that we have to give to our body to go through a natural state of healing – from a long day’s stress & all the physical activity. Unfortunately due to various reasons we are unable to sleep deeply or even continuously.

I do a per-bedtime ritual that have always made me a sound sleeper. I kind of do this on a daily basis, because I sleep besides a man who is a loud snorer and a toddler who boots every now and then while asleep!! – And the only way I can doze with them on the same bed is by being a damn good “Heavy Sleeper”..:)

Like any health issue the inability to sleep properly is also a serious one to consider. Your tonight’s sleep is the vivid reflection of your tomorrows mood, strength and decisions. So if you had a good sleep you will wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized and if you had a bad one, I just don’t want to talk on how a spoiled day can sound like…

Alrighty now, we will go step by step, but before that I would like to mention that, though the blog looks a little long, the actual time for all of them would 15 mins or less ..(if that too sounds too long to you on busy days you can do Step 1, 3 & 4 or Step 2, 3 & 4) ..

Step I

A Warm Drink – This is a recipe of a wonderful Sleep Potion.

One cup of Milk (cow’s/goats/almond)

¼ a teaspoon of Nutmeg powder

a pinch of Cinnamon powder

2-3 strings of Saffron (optional)

½ a teaspoon of Sugar (you can add a little more if you like)

½ a teaspoon of Ghee

In a saucepan boil the milk with sugar, saffron and cinnamon. Once done, after transferring the strained milk in to glass stir in the nutmeg & ghee. And enjoy your warm drink.

Take this drink ½ an hour before sleeping.

Step II

A Foot Massage to induce Sleep

The purpose of this massage is to calm the nerve endings under the foot and stimulates the blood circulation. This is a basic guide line on how to do your foot massage. (Spend at least 6-7 mins on each foot)

  • Things you will require is a little warm oil, towel, and a pair of old socks.
  • After cleaning your feet, sit down with all these things near you.
  • Spread the towel beneath your feet.
  • Lift your right leg and rest your foot on top of your left thigh for support.
  • Pour a little oil on to your palms and gently anoint the whole foot.
  • Then begin by massaging the upper foot pad with a little pressure using both the thumbs of your hand in a rhythmic deep circular motion all the way to the heel. Continue doing that couple of times.
  • Make a firm fist of your hand and massage with your hard knuckles in circular motion, with a little pressure on your sole. (I do this step when my thumbs tire)
  • Concentrate on your toes as well. Press them and massage them individually in a circular motion. Then grab each toe, wiggle it a bit and give each a good slow and a long tug as if you were stretching them out individually.
  • Do few circular rubs on both sides of the ankles of the foot as well.
  • Make a sandwich of your hands and the feet and rub vigorously the bottom of the foot (feel the warmth building up)
  • Then interlock your hand fingers with your toe and slowly rotate your foot at the ankles clock wise and anti-clock wise.
  • Complete the massage of your foot with a couple of loud and brisk karate chops on the sole of your feet.
  • Repeat the same for your left foot and wear your socks before you step out from the towel.

P.S. If you do not like oil and the greasiness then you can replace it with a nice foot cream or your favorite body lotion.

Step III

A quick Ear Yoga before you Sleep

This I do while sitting on the bed. Well this is not an acrobatic yoga or something and just takes a min or so. The purpose of this is to calm and release the stress from the jaw and the neck. It also gives a wonderful meditation of silence to your ears.

To begin with you rub you’re both palms together and cup your palms to the outer area of your ears (right palm to your right ear and the left palm to the left ear). So you finger tips are actually touching the side of your skull bone. Now while fixing your hand firmly at this position you move your hand gently in a circular manner 18 times clock wise and anti-clock wise. This is an extremely calming exercise.

Step IV

Meditation and there you have Slept!!

This is something you can do while lying on bed. I personally like this because it’s just helps me sleep faster and stay unfocused from all the other things of the day.

-I just take a deep breath and mentally command my each part of the body to literally relax and release the tension or any tightness in the muscles, and the body does that.

-It goes like..” Now I am relaxing the head..the eyes, the cheek…the jaws, the neck, the shoulder…till the sole of your feet” (You will be surprised even when lying on bed how tensed your muscles were and by the time you have reached the feet you will feel your body heavy and peacefully sunk in to your mattress.)

-After than I start counting backwards from 50…usually by the time I reach 38 I have dozed off.

Some quick pointers that you may want to consider -

  • Avoid caffeine after noon time.
  • Regular exercises are very beneficiary for a healthy sleep pattern (yet never schedule a work out session after early evening hours i.e. at least 4 hours before bedtime).
  • Cut down on your alcohol intakes.
  • Have lighter meals for dinner.
  • Try sleeping and waking up at around the same time, our body likes routine and accepts it.
  • 2-3 cups of Chamomile tea taken throughout the day also aid better sleep.
  • A warm shower before bedtime is also effective.
  • Comb your hair for 10 mins with a brush that has soft rounded bristles, before sleeping.


I am no guru, I am no specialist on any health field, I am just someone who first likes to dig for natural remedies in my own kitchen, before I meet a doctor.  And what works for me, is something I like to share..

Hope you have a good nights sleep – so you stay positive tomorrow!

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