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My Mother’s words on Sisterhood

sister_zLast night while dusting  the house I saw an interesting old photograph and a letter along with it, though the print was a bit cloudy – I saw “I little girl with a grouchy face holding beautiful newborn baby” And that was me carrying my sister…

Every time I see that picture a very memorable episode of my life rushes through me and it goes something like this..

Mother’s delivery was back at our home country .And I along with my Father stayed here in Dubai. And we couldn’t make it before the time of her deliver y because Father was in middle of some critical projects. However we did reach there, to meet my 4 days old sister and our house were most of the time filled with relatives and neighbors .Whilst my stay there, my imbecile cousins  convinced me that -Father is now going to stop all my candies & toys supply and Mother will have no time for me because of the new baby. Hence the grouchy look on my face! Lol..

However even though my stay was short in the country and in that crowded atmosphere (the newborns buzz of course)..Mom still did see the depressed face on her 5 year old daughter that day. And unfortunately whenever she tried to talk to me, the conversations were left incomplete – someone or the other would just walk in. Days went by so hastily and I with my Father flew back here, and Mother wasn’t strong enough to travel at that time..

To compensate the distance Mother always wrote aspiring letters to me and this was one such letter I saved for years along with that dramatic photograph..

Dear Doll eyes,

Ma misses you so much and I wish you could have stayed longer. Mother feels your heart; you are worried because of this new baby – silly you… 

Ma knows you have many favorite things of yours in your toy trunk, which you call ‘treasure box’…but this little girl is a beautiful piece of my treasure that I want to gift you. I assure you, she will be of more value to you when time goes by because that how marvelous Sisterhood is.

She is the one who will connect you with us when Ma and Dada goes away..You should also know; if there is someone more closer than a best friend then that is always a Sister. I hope, you would also feel the same.. one day because not everyone gets lucky to have one.. So please take a good care of her and soon she is going to be your responsibility.

Remember to brush your teeth at night and say prayer before sleep. Don’t trouble Dada, Ma needs some rest now and your baby sister will soon join you to play.

And I will always love you  ..

Though at that time I didn’t understand much part of this letter, I think I  the last line was enough ..hehe

Well, I do admit there have been days where I wished I was the only child, but the truth is I would have missed tons of fun if she wasn’t there…

I mean, I would have probably met the boogey man during the dark hours at night, I would have not known the taste of stolen ice-creams from the fridge, I wouldn’t have anyone to share those meaningless stories about Love, Boys & Break ups. I wouldn’t have anyone to share popcorns when while watching movies, I wouldn’t know who else would have double checked my makeup and shoes.. and loads more…

Thank God I have a wonderful Sister or seriously there was no way that I would have enjoyed life this much.. especially  the childhood days and teenage years ..

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