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Less than a minute exercise – for a brighter day!

excegesIf we are able to start a day with that simple realization of the things we have rather than whining on the things we don’t, then rest of the day is definitely going to be a good one.

Do you think that was an exaggerating statement to make? ‘Yes’..’could be’…’I don know’.. I thought so..Now I know this for sure from an interesting experiment that I and few friends worked on. Want to know more, then here me out…

In most of the coffee meets or lunch breaks with my friends, the discussed topics were about the nagging wifes , disorganized husbands, work frustrations, our children’s illness, neighbour’s gossip and you know how the list can be..I too used to actively grumble about same. But somewhere we all friends wished for a change…a change from this discouraged life..

So one day a friend of mine announced this wish out loud to our group and which we gladly agreed upon, though deep within we were skeptical about this quick ‘can-happen-wonder change’. Number of suggestions was considered, heated discussions occurred, silly comments were accepted – I must say for once, the whole process was fun. for our cheerless group. Finally we got to learn a lot and concluded to something that was easy, workable and least time consuming.
Here’s what we did..

Each one of us wrote 10 things that we were grateful about and we stuck that paper in our bedroom, to a proper visibility while still lying on bed. We made a mandatory practice to read them just after we wake up and say at least one positive affirmation out loud like “today is going to be a wonderful day”, “I love this day already”, “I am going to have fun”,”I am the best” or “I am a winner” whatever suits you. The key is you ‘feel’ it, when you say it . Once this is done, it becomes then an indestructible intention, a firm belief and your inner truth.

Now with in a week the result of this fun experiment was, our concerns in life were getting ironed out, throughout the day we handle things better, incidents in a day were more to our likings- as if just the way we wished for. Perhaps because we focus more to the positive happenings or  heavens were pleased that we started the day feeling more privileged than many… or it could be simply because subconsciously we are stimulated to have a wonderful day…whatsoever the reasons may be, we are just some living examples that proves that this simple exercise really works and now it’s our-never to be missed daily routine. Don’t go for my word, try to out yourself,unleash your power from within..with a less than a minute exercise.

Here is a list, to begin with..

I am grateful/happy for this day because..

-    I woke up – I am strong and alive!
-    I am still sane.
-    My great family.
-    Of a furnished house to get cozy in to.
-    I have food to eat.
-    I have running tap water.
-    I have clothes to keep me warm.
-    I can read ,write, walk & talk.
-    Of the fishes that greet me in my tank
-    I have a loyal tail wagging dog.
-    Coffee, wifi & ipad…

P.S. – Put in your top most favorite reasons, do update with new ones, keep it short, add photos (family, trips, things), throw in some colors -as this may be the first thing you want to look at .

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