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Happiness Is When..


This is a collection of a random ‘one line’ scribble of mine, on some beautiful happenings around us, that is always a pleasure to see and know…Its simply Happiness to me!

Happiness is when a dog gets to play fetch with its dirt smudged tennis ball.

Its such a delight to see a little bird softly stepping out of its crumbled shell.

An awe striking sight it is, when a peacock fans out its alluring feathers to seek its love.

How lovely it is, when a fawn leaps and bounds behind the mysterious butterfly.

I always wait to see the fun, when a knitting wool yarn gently rolls down to a whimsical kitten.

Its a joy to see the lighted face of an innocent child witnessing the seven colored rainbow.

Its so adorable, when a fluffy bunny nudges with its cute nose and skips far-far away.

Its a feel of ecstasy! When a mother’s arms get to hold her newborn for the first time.

Its such a bliss I tell you, on a nice breezy day – the sea shore burying my feet with its foamy waves.

What a mystique it is, when a new love has blossomed from tiny seed to an exotic flower.

How truly happy he is – when his mind owns peace & his body is swell!

Its a blessing when I wake up and I know – God granted me another day to remember, to thank and to enjoy this wonderful life all over again!

This is a list that can never be completed by me in a day it’s a work in progress…because there are so much beautiful things out there that I still haven’t seen, felt or missed out on…Help me grow this list, write back to me.. C’mon spill me some happiness in here …

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  1. Happiness is when my fridge is full. hehe

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