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Foods that can pep you up!

Have you ever been in times, where no matter what amazing things happen to you or even around you, you still feel low..? Well I did, and to keep those blues at bay I have a food list that’s there in my kitchen chalkboard , that I follow, which  I would like to share because….

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

Water – Usually water is not considered as food, but my list can never be complete without mentioning this powerful element. To drink up to 8 cups of water is the general said thumb rule. Other than quenching the thirst, water helps the kidneys to flushes out the toxins, keeps food solvent and hence cleanses our system. It aids you to loose weight faster – as the hunger pangs are kept in control. And as a bonus the easiest way to get your skin glowing. Research says dehydration alone can make you grumpy. So think clearer and be happier by drinking water . I would also recommend you to check this link to read more on the health benefits of drinking water.

Milk – Natures wellness drink! Milk has an excellent combination of both carbs and protein. But its included in my list other than the obvious fact that its nutritional – is because of its vitamin D and an amino acid called Tryptophan. Both of these do a fabulous job in our body to trigger the ‘happy flow’ named Serotonin. Additionally its found that foods that are rich in calcium, are natural stress busters! I was a regular milk drinker when I was pregnant and I noticed that my gum bleeds and heartburn issues were easily relived because of this newly inherited practice. Moreover, I also experienced that by drinking a warm glass of creamy milk at night can made my stiff muscles relax and help me have a peaceful nights sleep.

Walnuts –This is a powerful nut with various important nutritional facts. And I love it because of the omega fats, the protein content and yes ,the mood elevator mineral  -magnesium. This is one nut that I will never have it run-out in my jar. I started taking walnuts, can’t remember from when, but I definitely noticed the difference when I stopped it for a while. And I think its a great post workout snack too.. Go ahead and crunch it up guys…

Almonds – Oh those wonderful little things! For generations in my family…Almonds are used for boosting memory and keeping the heart healthy. Reasons being mainly because of – the good fats, the magnesium , vitamin E , calcium and other essential minerals. I personally like Almonds because it helps me to perk up my energy level and I get to focus better. And hey its a happy food too. Tip : Soak the almonds the night before and peel of the skin before you eat it (helps to digest easily and activates other essential enzymes).

P.S. – A handful of mixed nuts is all that you need in a day…not holding a jar and eating your way off in front of the TV :) , I know they are scrumptious, but can be addictive too..

Sunflower seeds —- Seeds of happiness! A great source of protein and fiber to our daily diet. They are known to have a perfect blend of tryptophan, Selenium and carbohydrates making them an ideal functional food to keep you cheerful instantly. Plus it has Vitamin B -6 which helps the body to wrestle with the mood swings. One magical ingredient that I enjoy adding on to my salad, muffins, oats and protein bars.

Fish – Another quality source of protein. A few good oily fish would be salmon, tuna , sardine, halibut ..as these fishes are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. And these fatty acids can fuel the brain activity level and uplifts our mood. Just for this reason when any special occasion happens in my family…there is always remember to serve a good portion of grilled or barbequed fish!..as the day is assured to grow merrier….Tip – If regularly oil fish consumption is not practical, then gulp in at least a 1000 mg omega 3 capsule from a good branded company.

Banana – Along with the experts, even I believe Bananas are great energy boosters and can helps you in being more positive. This is one fruit that has both simple and complex carbs and that combined with the sugars, which then gives a great endurance to our energy level. Additionally Banana has tryptophan, an amino acid that our brain needs to make serotonin -which is a natural chemical that can give one a sense of pleasantness…add it to your tiffin, mix it in your salad..which ever way you go, its a perfect snack that can never disappoint you :)

Spinach – A great veg to talk about. It has a nice combination of fiber, iron, vitamins and so on. But these vibrant, dark green leafy bunch is mostly important in my list for its folate content. Studies show that feeling low (depressed) could be a reason if our body is deficient of folate. Also from my personal experience, green smoothies made of spinach helps me to charge my body to it ‘full potential’ every-single-time!.Tip : Boil a cup of spinach for 1 min , blend it and mix it with orange juice..!!

Dark Chocolate – Quite popularly today known as the“Mood Enhancer”. Yet it should be eaten in moderation (i.e. no more than 3 ounces per day). By doing so, chocolate has its own perks like –it being good for your heart and absolutely great for your skin. Now the happy fact is, consumption of Dark chocolate can stimulate the production of endorphin -the chemicals in the brain that induces the feelings of pleasure. So now you know when things go a little giddy all you may need is a bite of Dark chocolate :)

As of now this is the list of food that I feel has unfailing brought strength, balance and happiness to my family. But before I conclude this topic, I would recommend you to –follow a healthy diet inclusive of the above list, complimented with a 30 min exercise, take a proper dose of sleep..and whisper few words for prayer…then see how the day goes by..:)

I would like to know if you like the list, and has it brought you any difference? Also let me know if you have any food/s to share with me in return…..

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