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How Exercise Made Me A Happy Person

ExcerresWe are all aware of the importance of exercising and the benefits of being more physically active in our daily lives. Yet many of us don’t do it. I am here to humbly remind you , why you need to exercise, by sharing- how it has affected my life and why I would never quit exercising.

Other than the obvious fact that it helps us Loose Weight, Strengthens our muscles and Tones our body, in this post I will be stressing on few other wonderful reasons and its positive effects that I benefited from -”A 3o minutes of work out for 3-4 times a week..”So lets hit it..

Amplified Energy – When the heart pumps more and when the lungs work more efficiently we get be more energetic, the simple body formula. There were days when I sit on the couch and felt lethargic to get up.. just to pick up the remote. Just the thought of washing the dishes was a hard labor. But by increasing my activity level, today when I look at the heaped up laundry, the messy floor or any household chores, even with a toddler being continuously naughty on the background – I am like, ‘Bring It On.…’ And that’s the awesome attitude you get when you work out.

Boosts Memory Power – “Studies done by the scientists at the University of Cambridge and researchers at the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore, confirms exercising improves memory because new brain cells gets generated” – you can learn on the scientific perspective about this wonderful benefit in details from this site.. http://phys.org/news183199377.html
From my personal experience, this is one the most noticeable difference after beginning to exercise. Nowadays I can easily remember things and I am still surprised about it. Because, in the past, there were number of times – when I pick up the phone to say something important and by the time the person on the other end answer my call..– Bang!!  I just forgot what I called them for (how embarrassing that can be). But now that I keep working out…I amazingly able to remember exactly what happened when..and where have I kept my “rarely usable stuffs” years ago! How cool is that ha…

Healthy Glowing Skin – Experts say – “when we exercise, our skin begins to produce more of its natural oils making the skin look brighter. With all the vigorous physical activity in the body, our blood flow increases and helps oxygen to carry nutrients to our skin cells, which in turn improve the skin’s health.”
My major skin problem was that it was always dry and flaky and I had to take oil supplements to keep it from peeling off. Though the oils helped, the true glow was more visibly noticed after the work outs, perhaps the sweat deep cleans the pores and give the same effect of a mini facial steam. I just love the vibrant, clear skin I wear today and cherishes the occasional compliments I get..;)

Aids Hydration– Water is vital, not just to gulp the food down smoothly but for the sake of survival, and we all know that. The concern is to “remember” to drink adequate amount of water. Well I tried post-its, annoying alarm settings, jug of water right in front of me (you see that important drinking water is) though all those helps, work out routines are my favorite kind of reminders. Subconsciously I am haunted with the though – ‘drink water, because now you are loosing even more water than before’, so this is another strong reason to drink more and stay well hydrated. Plus as I mentioned earlier – now I get to ‘remember’ better because of the memory perks, I think this “water drinking job is easy to maintain”.

Saves Budget – This may not be a common point that is popularly advertised as the benefit, but it does saves budget for me. Firstly, when I lead a ‘NO exercise life style’, my weight gradually started increasing, which means the clothes that I wore 6 months ago couldn’t be comfortably worn again, so I had to start getting more clothes and get frustrated about not being able to wear ‘under’ sized beautiful dresses I had. Secondly, I got to save a lot of money from not buying junk stuffs, not depending much on outside food /take outs. Also cooking my own healthy food is lot cheaper.

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow. Tomorrow is disease.
Terri Guillemets

Watchful Diet – This is my strong emotional benefit. I am someone who is really fond of sweets (hate my sweet tooth) and I am also an impulsive junk-food eater. But as I began the exercising regime, I became more cautious of my daily food consumption i.e. the amount, the nutritional value and calories . For instance, when I do my grocery shopping and if I am on the chocolate section, I saw the tempting snickers bar ..though I get drawn towards it..I quickly check the calories of it, which is roughly around 250 or so…Then I calculate in my head..to burn that I have to brisk walk at least 50 minutes. And to finish that bar maybe 3 minutes max . Flashing Images of the huffing & the panting me comes up…then I ask myself is it really worth it ..…there I fought my temptation and I bravely walk away from that crappy bar …wow just writing it down makes me happy and victorious.

Great Sex life: When I exercise I become more confident on my looks because end of the day it does makes you loose weight and look good, which of course raises my self-esteem.  And with that pride on bed, sex is definitely more fun. Especially when the core muscle strengthens and stamina gets better … sex even gets adventures. So when my man ask –‘once more’…I say excitedly- ‘why not?’ ;) Top reason to a happy married life!

Better Sleep – I was not an insomniac or a sleepless zombie. But I was a light sleeper, someone who wakes up suddenly from the faintest noise and someone who found it difficult to complete a proper sleep cycle .So when I used wake up in the morning I was still exhausted. Well exercising was a relief for that too, not immediately though but gradually the difference was seen and slowly made me a deep sleeper. Key is the timing to work out, morning late morning or even early evening is good!

Amazing De-Stressor: Well you see, I saved the best for the last..This is my favorite point; exercise is an excellent stress buster and reduces depression easily PERIOD. It seems there are hormones like norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin that get more activated and which in turn makes us happy. So if at all I feel blue, either I go for a swim or my gym and I’m back home feeling high! And that is the best reason for me to continue doing it..

So when I sum it up (I am counting with my fingers).. Exercising makes you energetic, sexy, confident, vigilant & good looking. The routine will prompt you to eat healthier & helps you save more bucks plus you get to be the happiest… jeez what more should I say to convince you …

If I liked food and disliked exercise as much as a 400 pound guy, I’d be a 400 pound guy.
Scott Adams

Exercising not necessarily always have to be in a gym or a health club (because even I too get bored of it). So just to make it a fun thing…it can be Cycling in the neighborhood, Swimming in the beach, Jogging in the park, joining a fun dance like Zumba, or playing tennis with your friends.. so anything that sounds groovy and gets you moving and making the heart beat pump faster..

P.S. Never forget to stretch :)

Let me know if you liked my post and if you have any interesting insights to share on this topic…TA

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