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An Evening Bath to Revitalize..

RelaxesOccasionally one may come across to a standing point where our energy winds down to level zero; where we get dupe to tiredness and also become a victim of restless sleep. Those days I wished I could wave at a magic wand to shake it all up and have a perfect night to end….

Well here’s the good news for those who wished the same..

What I do is – indulge in to an enchanting bath…

  • I start by filling the tub with warm water, and stir in around with ½ a cup of Sea Salt.
  • As the tub is filling up, I like to smudge the room with White Sage (something my mother does when anyone feels low, and it has a miraculous effect).
  • Then I add in few drop of Rose oil and Ylang Ylang oil (I just love this tempting burst of floral combination, that can equally soothes out any lingering stress and activates the mind to an alerted pleasantness).
  • Before I dip in , I like to switch on some alluring mild music.
  • Additionally if I have some more extra time I would bring in some warm tone with some candles to set in a tranquilizing ambiance.
  • There I am all prepared for my luxurious yet magically revitalizing soak, say for 30 -45 mins.
  • Then I like to air dry myself after this uniquely blended soak and then would moisturize my skin with some body lotion or oil.
  • Before I snuggle under my covers, I would take either a warm glass of Milk with saffron strings and nutmeg shavings OR a nice cup of Chamomile tea.

Let me know if you went through this magical ritual and how you felt ..:)

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