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ABOUT (8)One Friday morning after reading the news paper, I drew out a long empty sigh of exhaustment, followed by a not so unusual thought- that how would it be to be in a place where there were only ‘Vibes of Positivity‘.

Where people share about their joyful memories or aspiring stories of others. Where even after a plight of despair –still a strong sense of hope and determination of achieving success prevails. Where people  would be more grateful for the ‘freely’ available, yet inevitable simple things in life like – the easy breath of fresh Air, the sacred pumping rhythm of our Heart, the vibrant Flowers out in the streets..Those strong majestic Mountains, the fruit bearing Trees, life and strength giving Sun…good Lord there is so much we can be happy for….

Nevertheless, its is true that one may not always need to be intrigued in to these moments all day long and it may not be practical to stay even happy through out the day . But it would be nice sometimes if we could find that special place, a la la land perhaps, where whatever you see, read and hear about are only things makes you feel good, feel motivated , may be grateful or even blessed. And even better- if its all possible just a click away!!

These random occurring and reoccurring thoughts gave rise to a sublime possibility to this website. Where I decided that I would want to give my viewers/readers a place that can make them energetic, enthusiastic, a thinker , a lover …may it be from the emotional lines from ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling, or breathtaking moving art videos of Louie Schwartzberge…or a thought provoking quote from Dalai Lama. In the end I truly want you guys Just being positive!!

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